Adrienne Hart

Adrienne Hart Interior Designer - ModaScapes

Adrienne Hart

Adrienne Hart of Modascapes Interior Design has three key values: creativity, collaboration, and compassion.

She is self-diagnosed with color matchy-itis and has to work really hard to ignore when the hues have microscopically different values. She can see a color at someone's house and go shopping weeks or months later and buy things that are a perfect match.

Adrienne has physical experience in a home's construction - framing, drywall and texture, fixture installation, copper sweating, shingling a roof, tiling, and millwork. She is truly fearless.

A Michigan native but making Arizona her home for the past 29 years. Her dad is a retired engineer and mom a retired social worker. Their teachings and solid Midwestern work ethic are a perfect blend to collaborate with clients and trades.

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