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Mitchell Gold + Bob Wiliams


Our brand began in 1989 with the seed of an idea: comfort for all. That idea quickly grew, guiding us and uniting us in everything we stand (and sit) for. With those roots in mind, we invite you to join our spirited quest to make the world a more comfortable place: for all.


Often referred to as the masters of modern home furnishings, co-founders Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams bring the perfect blend of business and creative energy to our brand. Together, they strategize with our in-house design team to create products with the guiding principle of producing only furnishings they would want in their own homes. With that shared vision, Bob directs the design execution and Mitchell oversees marketing, sales, and production.


We’ve been making environmentally intelligent decisions since our inception, from how we design and craft our eco-friendly upholstery to how we pack and ship our products. As active members of the Sustainable Furnishing Council, we work with the furniture industry to develop best practices to ensure a sustainable planet for generations to come.


Though it’s been known to travel to fabulous & far-off places, our comfortable, earth-friendly upholstery comes from the quaint little town of Taylorsville in the foothills of Western North Carolina. It’s where our business was born, and where it continues to flourish.

Here, at our cutting-edge factory, a team of skilled local artisans works hand-in-hand with our in-house designers to bring our modern vision to life. Entire families work together, sharing their craft and generations of American furniture-making experience.

Manufacturing here means ensuring master-level quality, every step of the way. It also means keeping jobs at home. To us, Made in America is more than a catchphrase. It’s the very heart & soul of our company.


Comfort: It’s at the center of who we are and our values. Simply put, we believe in comfort for all – comfort for our employees, comfort for their families and comfort for our customers. We strive to cultivate and maintain an environment of mutual respect and inclusion, all the while innovating, designing and crafting furnishings to make your home – and life – more comfortable.


From the moment we met her, our late English bulldog, Lulu, captivated our hearts. Over the years, she appeared in many of our ads, and in many ways, became the “face” of our brand. As she grew from a puppy, her influence in our workplace became even more enduring. Day-to-day, as she sought comfort in a belly rub or a soft sofa to nap on, she gave to us as well – helping us feel more relaxed and at ease, just with her presence.