Sponsor Spotlight: Organic Looms

Sponsor Spotlight: Organic Looms

Posted By: Savannah Published: 11/14/2017 Times Read: 329 Comments: 0

The best-designed rooms follow a cohesive vision from top to bottom—looking down should continue the experience, not stop it short. While I’m sure some of us know that the hunt for the perfect area rug can haunt you for months, with the aid and expertise of our next sponsor, it doesn’t have to be an impossible quest.

Organic Looms will be adorning several of the floors in our Arcadia home with their unique, artisan creations. Organic Looms’ three locations in Chicago, Denver, and our very own Scottsdale provide the state-side grounding points for a global endeavor in pursuit of the finest designs and materials for rugs. Their ability and willingness to customize anything from the size and shape to even the coloration of their rugs make them the perfect choice for the discerning client with specialized needs or precise taste.

Founded ten years ago by Chicagoan Christopher Frederick, Organic Looms continues to pursue his mission of providing rugs of exceptional quality for reasonable prices, and sourced from skilled artisans and natural materials. Each of their rugs is hand-knotted on a vertical loom before being cut to your specifications and shipped to the United States. Christopher’s extensive experience with the design and building industry, when combined with his true love of world travel and the environments and peoples he experiences, allow him and his company to offer one of the best sources of sustainable, ethical, and high-quality rugs on the market today.

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