Sponsor Spotlight : Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

Sponsor Spotlight : Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

Posted By: Savannah Published: 11/09/2017 Times Read: 431 Comments: 0

We are both pleased and honored to introduce Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams as the next business in our lineup of brilliant and generous sponsors!

The team at Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams will be working with Beth Donlan of Quite Lovely Designs, sharing their sleek designs to help create a stunning contemporary dining room. Their latest collection is a luxuriant line of sleek metals and transparent polycarbonate, married with the occasional plush textile and the organic shape of wood or stone. This refined assortment can transform any space into the perfect room to entertain guests and flex the hosting chops. 

Co-founders and partners Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams have been shaping the furniture world and making an impact since their humble beginnings as an upholstery company in 1989. Since then, their combined vision, passion, and ambition have turned a once-local venture into an internationally renowned brand. They are dedicated not only to providing high quality fine furnishings but also to giving back and promoting a more thoughtful lifestyle without sacrificing comfort. Their efforts to supply pet-friendly, eco-conscious furniture and close work with charitable organizations such as Faith in America (of which Mitchell Gold is also co-founder) mean that Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams is more than just a brand—it is a philosophy.

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