Sponsor Spotlight: Arhaus

Sponsor Spotlight: Arhaus

Posted By: Allison Published: 11/07/2017 Times Read: 565 Comments: 0

Now that we’ve introduced you to each and every one of the talented designers who will be transforming our beautiful space from house to home, it’s time to turn to the sponsors who will be making this event possible.

First, we are pleased to direct your attention to Arhaus and to welcome them to the team. This national furniture retailer will be providing several exciting pieces for the Jennifer Duneier space, lending their timeless style and unique touch to her vision. Among the expertly crafted pieces which will be featured are stunning wooden dressers and tables, touched with distinctive elegance without being overly ornate. Their tufted leather chairs are a classic touch, while the striking Arnhem White Tree and Aged Mirror nesting end tables contribute a more modern flair.


Tufted Leather Chair & Arnhem White Tree and Aged Mirror Nesting Tables

Founded in 1986, Arhaus has been dedicated to providing goods and furnishings of the highest quality since its very inception. With a team of product developers and buyers traveling the world to engage firsthand with artisans and secure unique pieces, Arhaus ensures that they can bring only the best to their customers: natural materials, eclectic but elegant designs, and hand-crafted pieces unique to Arhaus. They incorporate their core values into everything they create and every service they provide—Arhaus is an original, dependable, and sustainable collective of minds with a passion for creating one-of-a-kind homes.

Wooden Dresser & Table

Looking for a unique statement pieces or artisan good to add to your living room? Trying to find the right creative mind for your next improvement project? Join us at the inaugural Luxury Design Showcase and see why Phoenix is one of the most innovative and diverse design destinations. Experience a stunning showcase of established talents and rising stars in the world of home design.