Supercars and Shopping Centers: A New Era of Southwestern Luxury

Supercars and Shopping Centers: A New Era of Southwestern Luxury

Posted By: Savannah Blitch Published: 08/08/2017 Times Read: 615 Comments: 0

Like its mythic namesake, the Phoenix area is on the rise, emerging as an increasingly eminent location for luxury living and top-of-the-line goods and services.

Nestled in the open Sonoran vistas of Paradise Valley, luxury name brands like McLaren, Shea Homes, and Ritz-Carlton are stoking the embers of a new era of desert life.

“Inspired by Paradise”

Over the next couple of years, Paradise Valley will see the intersection of Indian Bend and Scottsdale Road transform into a shining nexus of high-end lifestyle. Azure, a new residential community from Shea Signature, the Paradise Valley Ritz-Carlton hotel (anticipated to open in late 2018), and the Palmeraie® shopping complex (still in the planning stages) will coexist side by side in refined harmony.

Palmeraie® conceptual rendering

Azure residences concept

Ritz-Carlton hotel exterior rendering

Sleek, vibrant, luxuriantly sprawling, and full of desert charm, these new complexes would be impressive on their own—in combination, they set out to put Paradise Valley on the national radar in a big way.

“The Ultimate Luxury Vehicle”

Part of the draw to this new oasis is the flourishing car culture, as evidenced by growing events like the Scuderia Southwest-hosted Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering—more commonly known as “Cars & Coffee." On the first Saturday of every month a huge congregation of gearheads comes to marvel at the captivating array of models from classic to contemporary.

At the forefront of pushing the Valley’s status as a luxury car destination is the new McLaren dealership in Scottsdale, who recently debuted the new 720S at the Azure residences.


Emmott Blitch, also new to the McLaren family, told us what’s so exciting about this model: “The McLaren 720S is the first time McLaren has introduced a second-generation version of any of its models. It is the successor to the McLaren 650S and has received upgrades in all areas including performance, usability, and refinement.”

Emmott Blitch (right) with the new model

The “simple and clean” architecture of the Azure residences, Blitch explained, provided a perfect location for the showing; it complements the McLaren sensibilities and aesthetic, as the manufacturer prides itself on being “on the cutting edge of design.” The 720S, in particular, represents McLaren’s commitment to pushing the envelope and providing consistent excellence in automobiles. “The McLaren 720S is the ultimate luxury vehicle,” Blitch says, “because it can do anything. It’s a car that can be driven every day in complete comfort but can also destroy any other car out there on road or track. What other car can do 212 mph, over 20 mpg, ride smoother than a BMW, store more than the average hatchback, and accelerate faster than a Tesla?”

So, what does all this mean for the future of Phoenix? Step by step and turn by turn, this corner of Arizona is fast becoming the place to be for luxury goods and experiences. Blitch described the McLaren event as “[introducing] the new era of the supercar to the Southwest,” but it’s not only that—it’s one part of the blossoming of the desert into a prime luxury destination.