Designer Spotlight: Quite Lovely Design

Designer Spotlight: Quite Lovely Design

Posted By: Allison Published: 10/26/2017 Times Read: 397 Comments: 0

Moving on through the roster of designers who will be transforming and elevating our featured home in Arcadia, we come to the accomplished Beth Donlan of Quite Lovely Design. Although she founded her company in 2007 and has been operating it for a decade, Beth has been avidly involved in the arts for thirty years.


At Quite Lovely Design, she offers a wide variety of services such as remodeling, residential styling, home staging, open house prep, and photo styling—however, she has a particular enthusiasm and talent for holiday décor, as demonstrated by her work for Phoenix Children’s Hospital’s Festival of Trees. Writing about her impressive 2015 tree, Beth describes: “I had a six foot life-sized Santa standing front and center with all the elves scurrying up ladders and hanging ribbons and ornaments to create the perfect tree for Santa.”


This passion, combined with her years of experience in home remodeling and her drive for going above and beyond, provides Beth the perfect foundation upon which to deliver a home space that is both intimate and functional for her clientele.


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