Out with Millennial Pink and in with Navy Blue, 2018 Hot Hue

Out with Millennial Pink and in with Navy Blue, 2018 Hot Hue

Posted By: Susan Published: 10/17/2017 Times Read: 733 Comments: 0

Millennial pink has been ruling the runways and product shelves. Trendy as it may seem, millennial pink is not for the weak, it’s a pretty intimidating color to carry. Although one of my personal favs, pink just isn’t for everyone.

It doesn’t surprise that; Navy Blue has risen to become the “it” color of the season. After all Navy Blue is a girl’s (guy’s) best friend.  

What’s not to like about navy. It’s reliable, sensitive, and simply a dark shade of blue that plays well with just about any color. Navy Blue works well in fashion and in interior design. 

Vogue: Inky Blue

Don’t feign shock when you learn this elegant hue is featured as one of Fall/Winter 2018 top color trends. Investing in this hue is no fleeting fad. Navy Blue is simply solid and virtually timeless. 

Elegant Blue Doors

Navy Blue is oh so not ho-hum. This versatile color can be used as a neutral or as an accent. Navy Blue does not play by the rules.

Black Hole and Blurred Lines by Organic Looms

It is the perfect substitute to black warming up nicely to neutral prints and bold solids making a dazzling base color that breathes life, elegance, and class into spaces and places. Preppy, nautical, timeless — always on trend — navy blue is the rare color that simply works. What other hues can pull off accent or intensity, but always with style?


Mysterious, elusive Navy Blue, taking you to relaxing spaces with thoughts of blue oceans or far off stellar places.  Not only is navy a universally flattering shade, but it's chic, effortless, and, in our opinion, totally underrated. 


Navy Blue is one of the easiest colors to add into home décor and one that works in almost every style. It works beautifully in classic spaces and its elegant timeless feel can take your sleek modern space to new levels. Let versatility be your guide. 

The Sunland Group

To the tender-hearted, start small with pillows or curtains complementing existing warmer tones or pair with crisp whites for a little drama. Bold at heart? Take the plunge with navy-on-navy creating a stunning, stylish room dripping with character.