Designer Spotlight: 7 Dimensions LLC

Designer Spotlight: 7 Dimensions LLC

Posted By: Savannah Published: 10/10/2017 Times Read: 529 Comments: 0

In anticipation of our upcoming Luxury Designer Showcase next month we will be shining a light on all of the talented professionals who will be featured at our exciting event—a creative melding of the design, real estate, and art communities, in partnership with Phoenix Home & Garden.

First in line is the brilliant team at 7 Dimensions LLC, helmed by founder Sujaya Reddy. A well-travelled and multi-talented woman, Reddy is also a notable alumna of Mesa Community College. At 7 Dimensions, she strives “to [help] others improve their living spaces to better match their lifestyles, delivering functionality with an unexpected twist.”

 It was precisely this skill for matching luxury and practicality and her eye for reinvention that earned Reddy the prestigious first place Design Excellence Award in the Emerging Professional Category for 2016. In her winning entry, Reddy masterfully reimagined a closed 90s floor plan into a stunning contemporary space which effortlessly flows from one room to another. As her portfolio demonstrates, her use of muted colors and high-quality materials allow for flexibility and adaptability while making an impression all their own. 7 Dimensions’ website proclaims: “We love to mix styles like modern and classic or industrial and glam-chic to give you a design that compliments your lifestyle and interests.”

7 Dimensions


Looking for a unique statement piece or artisan good to add to your living room? Trying to find the right creative mind for your next improvement project? Join us at the inaugural Luxury Designer Showcase and see why Phoenix is one of the most innovative and diverse design destinations. Experience a stunning showcase of established talents and rising stars in the world of home design.

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