TOWN meets Juin Ho

TOWN meets Juin Ho

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Designer JUIN HO’S first-valley appearance arrived with a drum roll at TOWN. Juin Ho is taking the design world by storm with his textile creations evoking an experience of “global terrains and peoples,” explains MARTHA REBOLLEDO visiting representative for this San Francisco interior and furnishing designer-based brand. How did the Juin Ho collection come about?

A passionate designer, traveler, and connoisseur of all that life has to offer, Jiun Ho is spiritually and artistically inspired by the world’s incredible diversity of landscapes and cultures explained the Juin Ho sales rep at TOWN's recent launch party.

Textiles are patterned after Juin’s own photography, weaved in the most talented mills in Italy, India, and beyond in materials ranging from linen to cotton and a variety of constructions including velvet, chenille, and satin. The textiles are a result of Juin’s extensive travels. His work is celebrated not only for its refined aesthetics but also for its global worldview. Each unique design telling its own story capturing the magic and ethereal beauty of global terrains and peoples and awaiting a variety of applications, from window treatments to furniture upholstery. 

Textiles is not the limit of the Juin Ho collection, which also includes furniture and lighting lines. Balanced, harmonious designs utilizing contrasting textures, rich woods, and sumptuous fabrics. Devine. See for yourself when you pop into TOWN to see the Colina Sofa inspired by mirage effects on the salt flats of the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia.

With many manufacturers and partners from which to choose, why was Juin Ho the right fit for TOWN in Scottsdale? 

"Jiun Ho has been working with TOWN in Denver for over 10 years. It has been a pleasure to watch the collection evolve into the industry leader in high-end Furniture, Lighting, and Textiles." 

~ Richard Wilkonson, Showroom Manager, TOWN

Textures against clean lines, rich dark woods against simple fabrics, and shapes that are both challenging yet inviting, ultimately a bridge between past and present aesthetic. With these factors coming together, TOWN was able to pursue this collection with Juin Ho because their commitment to quality and bespoke, one-of-a-kind pieces for designers offer almost limitless capabilities.

That said, we hope there will be more partnerships in the works for TOWN as well as future collaborations in the world of Phoenix-based design. 

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