Launch Into Fall: Luxe Magazine + Expressions Gallery

Launch Into Fall: Luxe Magazine + Expressions Gallery

Posted By: Savannah Published: 09/21/2017 Times Read: 417 Comments: 0

In celebration of the start of autumn and a new issue release, Luxe Magazine and Expressions Home Gallery come together to put on a smashing success of a night.

As you cross the threshold, the first thing to greet your eyes are the stacks of the latest issue of Luxe Interiors + Design—full of the latest trends and news of the design world—and the smiling server carrying a welcome tray of champagne. Moving forward, the gallery unfolding before you, along the left-hand side there appears a feast of small delights prepared in live demonstrations, the sizzle of cooking breathing life into the typically dormant and cold display kitchens. Beyond that, sleek modern designs glint alongside colonial flourishes in rows of stoves and sinks one after the other, a luxuriant excess of choice. Everything glows with promise and potential.

This night, however, is more than just a mixer—it is a celebration of the turning seasons, of diving headfirst into September, that month of too-early Halloween décor, store mannequins swaddled in sweaters, and an inexplicable urge to listen to more folk music. More importantly, fall is the season when holidays abound, houses are on the market, and social and promotional events of all kinds are in full swing. If there is any time of year when the organization and presentation of one’s home is on the mind, it is now. What better way to remind clients of the unmatched appeal and comfort of a well-furbished space than to invite them to mingle in the smorgasbord of high-quality appliances at the Expressions Home Gallery?

Industry professionals, media partners, and community members alike mingled throughout the expansive gallery, conversations shifting from the latest design trends and events—such as lost month's ASID Design Excellence Gala—to the culinary offerings of that night. The consensus appeared to be that the Asian-inspired noodle salad and lettuce wraps were the most delicious, followed close behind by the melt-in-your-mouth, chocolate Kohler turtles and terrapins.

With thanks to Luxe and publisher Adrienne Honig, home improvement gifts such as a state-of-the-art robot floor vacuum and an Amazon Echo Dot (snagged by none other than our very own Susan Solliday!) were given out in a business-card drawing as the evening came to a close. The night ended on a note of joy and plenty—even those who failed to leave with a prize went home full of good food and drink and warmed by pleasant company. The Launch Into Fall event was a success in every dimension, sparking the seasonal urge to host and to gather, to redecorate and renew, and, as the outside world gradually shifts into dormancy, to appreciate the beauty of a vibrant interior.