Glitz Above Phoenix: Penthouses at Hotel Valley Ho

Glitz Above Phoenix: Penthouses at Hotel Valley Ho

Posted By: Savannah Published: 03/01/2018 Times Read: 685 Comments: 0

The amber light of sunset slanting over the balconies, music pulsing through the foundations and the very bones of every wandering visitor, complimentary champagne sparkling on the tongue—there could no better way for the newborn penthouses crowning the Hotel Valley Ho to make their debut.

Valley Ho has been cutting a modern figure against our city skyline for over six decades, going through its peaks and valleys of popularity before being acquired and revitalized by Westroc Hospitality in 2002. With this new addition to its already-attractive offerings, however, the Hotel Valley Ho is reaffirming its place in the upper echelons of Phoenix glamour.


These residences—like the rest of the chic hotel—are dominated by neat, modernist lines, as to be expected from a building designed by a student of Frank Lloyd Wright. They fit seamlessly with the mid-century sensibilities of the lower floors, while still boasting enough contemporary touches to entice the modern-day buyer: accents of exposed concrete, cutting-edge kitchens and bathrooms, closets with space a-plenty. Each of the units opened for the first look event also boasts an expansive front room and enjoys views of the urban Valley from an attached balcony.

As the sun sank beneath the horizon, sounds of celebration from above beckoned, and the focus moved from the rooms themselves to mingling and reveling. The rooftop came alive with feathered dancers, and a trumpet player improvised alongside the DJ as hors d'oeuvre made the rounds through the crowd. All in all, the Agency-curated event was a showcase of style from start to finish, a perfect sell for the brand of luxury that goes hand in hand with penthouse living. 

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