Design Innovation: Trend or Worth the Spend?

Design Innovation: Trend or Worth the Spend?

Posted By: Susan S. Published: 09/19/2017 Times Read: 403 Comments: 0

It seems the buzz word of 2017 has been “design innovation.” We hear it in technology, business, research, as well as in interior design. Is design innovation just another fleeting trend or hashtag? With many design-led companies like Apple, Airbnb, and Pinterest seeing remarkable success rates, innovation from the user’s experience seems to be the big pay-off.

Client after client design mavens are tasked with achieving the space the client dreams of, within the allotted space of the project, and at a price they want to spend. A recipe requiring an artful blend of strategy, principals, and of course, design innovation. Being so uniquely called upon to consistently create bespoke interiors, we asked Sujaya Reddy, Allied ASID, 7 Dimensions, identified as an up and coming designer to watch here in the Valley. Sujaya not only brings her design innovation to the table, but she also brings a unique viewpoint. Before interior design became her passion, Sujaya had a career as a Software Information Technology Professional, another creative field well-known for innovation. Let's see what she has to say about design innovation and how she uses technology to her advantage.

Sujaya Reddy

Sujaya Reddy (left)

How do you create a strategy for guaranteeing that design innovation and creativity flourish in your firm?

Creativity is thinking outside the box, to solve problems, that automatically gives rise to innovation. I always like to come up with something new, that has never been tried. If a client gives me the opportunity, then I usually take my innovation all the way in my projects. I must admit, a lot of times, clients are wary about what they have never seen. With today's 3D tools, it makes it possible for a designer to show what is in their head in a picture, that may lead to client's buy-in to a new idea or design. Using tools from simple PowerPoint to sophisticated 3D Software like Revit, help me get my ideas across to be both innovative and creative.

Where do you find the greatest opportunity to transform and disrupt how you use space?

I look at walls as my greatest opportunity to transform a space. Sometimes, the wall becomes my canvas, whether it is in 3D tiles, paint, wallpaper, large-scale art, trim work, and all forms of wall decor that can cohesively form the statement piece that keeps people looking at the wall. Sometimes, I simply remove the walls to open it up visually stunning spaces, like kitchens with large islands, with interesting backsplashes, or large-scale lighting that capture one’s attention.

Beyond innovating for limited spaces, designers look to the physiological relationship between people and how they relate to space. How do you go about redefining the form, function, and feel of a room to accommodate for psychological well-being?

To me, any space should have both form and function. For example, a bedroom should have a bed to function as a sleeping space, and the walls are the form that protects you. The feel of the space becomes the most important aspect that ties both form and function to make one enjoy the space. The feeling can be in bedding, soothing colors, rustic touches, a plant, or even a book by the bed. I strive for a clean minimalist look and prefer not to accessorize too much. Simple meaningful touches are just as important to everyday life, looking at a bedside candle can bring back nice memories or a smile, looking at a painting, can transport you to another place.

Thank you Sujaya!