Decorating the Halls for the Holidays

Decorating the Halls for the Holidays

Posted By: Savannah Published: 12/07/2017 Times Read: 599 Comments: 0

Although the weather may not always seem to align with it, it is finally the season of holiday decorating in the Valley of the Sun. There’s nothing like that thrill of unpacking that dormant box of garlands, lights, and household adornments and transforming your home into your own winter wonderland. Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks for taking your festive décor to the next level.

Deck Every Hall

It can be easy to get carried away in the whirlwind of transforming your family room into the picture-perfect setting for gathering and gifts—before you know it, you’ve run out of decorations for the rest of the house. Try to disperse your materials so that each room has its own share of the festivity. Even a few simple spare pine clippings in the nooks and crannies can spread the holiday cheer throughout the rooms and make the entire house—and not just the hearth—feel cozy and welcoming. Focus on a unifying color among your accents: gold, red, green, or white are classics, of course, but there is just as much appeal in icy silvers and blues, or even warm, rustic browns.

Twinkle, Twinkle

Who doesn’t love the annual pageantry of holiday lights? Houses draped in flashing strings are a trademark of the winter season, but the dazzle doesn’t all have to be reserved for the exterior of your home. With a few strands of battery-powered LED fairy lights, Jennifer Biffer suggests, you can weave some glitter and shine into any room. Try winding them along your mantelpiece, or around some of your potted plants to make even the lowliest succulent a star of the table. Battery packs are much easier to hide than the long cord of traditional light strings and make it possible to drape them anywhere you please, rather than only within reach of a power outlet.

Let it Grow

Winter may not be exactly known for its abundance of fresh flora, but that doesn’t mean that the season is entirely bare. Evergreen plants such as pine and eucalyptus, of course, are classic, always stunning, and can be the perfect natural touch for a minimalist winter décor. If you opt for the more colorful, however, there is still plenty to choose from. Many citrus trees are beautifully ripe in the winter; some branches of bright oranges or tangerines are the perfect contrast to cold weather. The vivid red of holly and winterberry adds some traditional color to the mix. And if you have access to a winter-blooming rosemary bush, then the silvery leaves, delicate blue flowers, and heady fragrance of a couple fresh-cut sprigs are a sublime accent to any winter floral arrangement.

O, Christmas Tree

If your household celebrates Christmas and is investing in the pleasure of a tree for the season—whether natural or artificial—then you know the pressure of delivering a vision that dazzles from every angle. Contrast the grandeur of more traditional or family heirloom ornaments with the understated polish of minimalist decorations, such as simple metal stars or single-color globes, for a balanced aesthetic. Jennifer Biffer also offers some key hints for taking your evergreen above and beyond the rest: instead of opting for a traditional tree skirt, she suggests making a fun statement with a decorative pot or pail—this is especially ideal for helping smaller trees become just as spectacular as larger ones. You can also intersperse some curls of ribbon along with your ornaments to fill space between the branches and add some variation in shape and texture. To get more holiday decorating tips, watch Jennifer Biffer's segment on Arizona Midday!