More Is More: Décor Trends for 2018

More Is More: Décor Trends for 2018

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With the first part of 2018 coming to a close, the forward arc for the rest of the year becomes a little clearer, and we begin to get an idea of where these next eleven months will take us. It’s important to keep an eye on design trends in particular, of the many shifts in taste which are occurring; keeping just ahead of the style curve is essential to having a home that is trendy, presentable, and marketable, and not one that’s merely imitative and full of old news. Here are a few of the in-vogue looks we’ve picked up on so far.


 Via Shoproomideas

The recent craze for the plush shimmer of velvet isn’t only reserved for the display windows of department stores—it’s creeping its way into the home, as well. Although it’s hard to tell how long this trend will last, there is a classic appeal to the indulgent luxury of this material. You can make an impact by going bold with a brightly colored sofa or set of armchairs, or you can also let the material speak for itself by choosing more muted and neutral tones.

Mixed Metals

Via Elements of Style

2017 saw a mass demand for rose gold everything: decorations, appliances, lamps, personal items, and more. This pink metallic soon oversaturated the market, rapidly making the transition from trendy to tired, and in its wake we find a taste for a more diverse cast of characters. After the uniformity of a rose gold coordinated lifestyle, today’s design sensibilities seem to favor a mix of various metals instead. Brass accents alongside stainless steel appliances, polished copper next to aged bronze—anything goes! Customize your kitchen to your heart’s content this year with no need to worry about making every knob and handle identical.

Make a Menagerie


Via NearAndDeer on Etsy

Deer-related motifs are an ancient trend that has been coming back to the design forefront over the past couple of years, mostly due to the striking silhouette of antlers, but in 2017 and into 2018 it looks like a whole host of other creatures will be joining them. Animal-inspired furnishings—from decorative figurines to whimsical wall art— can either make a room statelier or more playful, depending on the designer’s or artist’s interpretation. Regardless of which direction you go, the dynamic, organic shape and naturalistic feel of animal furnishings will be the perfect complement to any contemporary home.

Natural Elements


This year we expect to see a continuation of the move toward more raw and natural resources that started in 2017, with an emphasis on stonework and organic wood shapes. As people become more interested in discovering and supporting locally made artisan goods, that awareness is also entering the conversation when it comes to furnishing and sourcing materials for your home. Not only are these natural elements often more durable than their artificial counterparts, they only gain texture and story with time, helping your to home develop its own unique character.


 Designed by Alex Papchristidis. Via HouseBeautiful

One of the most exciting tendencies taking hold this year is the gradual counter-trend of maximalism to last year’s minimalism. While the simple appeal of unadorned white interiors with their few, carefully selected decorations is far from out of fashion yet, people are beginning to abandon that restraint in favor of a more eclectic approach. This year is all about experimentation and rebellion—let yourself have fun in your space and try mixing and matching until you find something that works! There can be artfulness in creating an assemblage of eras and styles in one space that all complement each other while still making their own individual impact. If you’re torn between making your living room farmhouse chic or seventies retro, try both. No one is truly defined by one style and one style only, so don’t limit yourself!

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