5 Ways to Get The Magazine Look

5 Ways to Get The Magazine Look

Posted By: Allison D. Published: 09/13/2017 Times Read: 481 Comments: 0

If the walls of your home could talk, what would they say about you? Sometimes your home reveals far more about you than the clothes you wear.

So, what does make a well-dressed home? Based upon pages and pages of images available in popular home décor magazines, a well-dressed home comes in many shapes and sizes. It’s probably safe to say each featured home, however diverse, through its unique and specific details tells the story the magazine wants to share.

And so then, your rooms should also tell a story.

A great room is a room you find significant. Not one just stuffed with stuff. But just like all good magazine issues, the contents must revolve around an underlying theme. In all cases, it should be the overall experience of living there. How it impacts your mood, your comfort, and how you maneuver within the space and from room to room. That’s the key to a successful design.

Have you ever walked into a luxurious room and suddenly felt your spirit lift? Could you feel an instant connection with the design of that space, even before you had the chance to take it all in. It may have been the layout of the furniture, the dramatic lighting, or no such one thing you could really put your finger on, but more a combination of things you found comfortable, delightful, or prompted some sort of other pleasant sensation. The same sort of pleasant sensation we get when flipping through page after page of luxurious spaces in our favorite magazines.

Well I’m not going to lie. It costs a lot of money to create a luxurious, magazine-worthy home. Just the furniture alone adds up. Not to mention window treatments, bedding, rugs, mirrors, and art. The good news is, however, there are several things that can be done relatively easy to get that high-end look.

Here are a few ideas that can make your rooms look print ready.

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Decorative Molding

Decorative molding can take your walls from simple to smart.

  • Crown and Cove Moldings: Crown and cove moldings bridge the gap between the ceiling and walls and have the power to increase or decrease of the appearance of your ceiling height. In traditionally styled homes architectural details such as this set high-end homes apart from lower priced models.
  • Chair Rail: A Chair Rail, although once functional, is used today as more of a decorative element. Adding bead board or narrow trim in rectangles below the rail gives your home a very custom look and elegant look.
  • Picture Moldings: Wall molding is seeing a revival. Typically reserved for a very formal, English look, we are seeing this purely decorative wall element in many homes.

Decorative molding in all instances can be painted a different color from the wall for some pop. Or, if painted the same color, can offer some nice contrast and light interlay in a space.



  • Large Scale Art: Nothing screams luxury like large scale art. Large, abstract paintings grab your attention and dominate a space. When selecting oversized art, unless the room is substantial avoid pictorial scenes and go for the large geometric or floral patterns.
  • Display an Antique: With homemade being a must-have this coming season, nothing gives a room a sense of wisdom and history like a stunning antique. Think large and small. Antique items have a patina that is only acquired with age and it can’t easily be recreated with modern machinery. Don’t spend a fortune and don’t overdo it, you are looking for a compliment not a take-over.

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The Details

  • Curves: In interior design, it’s a well-known fact that curves cost more. A room where lines are straight and clean can benefit from a few softening curves. Curvy shapes add depth and interest to any room. If your furniture is all in place, introduce a few interesting curvy objects such as lamps, mirrors, or accessories. Use a variety of shapes including chair legs, backs, and furniture fronts.
  • Nailhead Trim: Nailhead trim has been reserved for upholstered pieces such as seating and benches. Lately we have seen nailhead details on custom furniture pieces like drawer fronts, side tables, or windows and doors. Simple borders or complex patterns can be installed just about anywhere with traditional tacks or adhesive strips.
  • Metallic Sheen: Metallic surfaces can give a luxe look to any room. Gold fixtures are a current favorite and are simply stunning when combined with soft blacks and charcoal grays. The key here is to think vintage, not brassy. And by no means, don’t overdo it. A brass table, a few vintage frames or mirror, or a fabulous commode with brass ormolu. A little goes a long way.

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Rooms with a View

  • Window Treatments: Drapery, shutters, and shears. Nothing is more bespoke than a room with custom window treatments. And nothing has the power to transform a space than the right or wrong window treatment. If you’re looking to make this investment in your room think about what you want to achieve first. Is it to block out an unattractive view or highlight a beautiful garden or patio vignette? Both can be achieved with the proper window treatments.
  • Vignettes: Magazine room images are a series of specifically selected vignettes. Use this technique when you stage your rooms. When we talk about vignettes its typically in the premise of creating groupings within a room such as around a fireplace, seating area, or other areas of significance. However, don’t neglect the power of doorways and windows. Each can create movement by drawing you to the next space while complimenting the current. It’s not hard and the impact can be extraordinary.

Less is often more

A lot of things do not imply luxury. It just says you have a lot of things. Think of the significance of each piece and place them accordingly. Giving items a little space to breathe in the right spots, means they can shine as the stars they are.

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Fresh Flowers

Nothing says lush like fresh flowers. A generous seasonal bouquet of flowers on an entry table, coffee table, or dining table is simply luxurious. Silk flowers can create an equally bountiful display. Just make sure they don’t gather dust.