2018 Luxury Season Finale

2018 Luxury Season Finale

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The design intent was to blend in with the curves of the surrounding mountainous terrain; and that it does. This iconic mid-century modern home, one of fourteen circular residences designed by the master architect, FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT, is discretely nestled into the hillside mimicking the natural hues and tones of the landscape. 

The interiors are equally respectful composed of overlaying concentric circles, the basis of the floorplan, guiding you faultlessly from one room to the next. Each room beholding its own unhindered majestic view of Palm Canyon and the city with its shimmering lights below. 

Views weren’t just limited to this magnificent structure but could also be enjoyed in a fun array of complementing elements. As the sun set on the evening, a colorful array of lights began to dance on the exterior walls of the central structure. The circular patterns mimicking the round window frames with colors hinting at what was yet to come. My personal favorite…the silent, but stunning models costumed in monochromatic couture posing quietly or floating across spaces. One word, FUN!

Besides clever and artistic plays off this historic home, guests enjoyed delicious bites and beverages, and sprawling entertaining spaces as they flowed both inside and outside enjoying ample patios, a crescent-shaped pool no less, and furnishings by STUDIO 3125. 

“Frank Lloyd Wright’s Norman Lykes House provided the perfect venue and setting for The Agency’s official Season Finale of Broker Opens ‘After Party’, timeless architecture for a timeless event.” JOHN S. SZAFRAN, AIA, Principal/Owner of DPA Architects, Inc.

The invitation-only event was attended by the who’s who in real estate, architecture, and design and was the perfect close to a fabulous luxury season!

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