How to Make Your Home Sell

How to Make Your Home Sell

Posted By: Savannah Blitch Published: 07/12/2017 Times Read: 705 Comments: 0

Looking to start prepping your home for its big debut? Here are 5 tips to selling your home the smart way.

Summer may not be the best season for selling, but early autumn comes up quicker than you think, and it’s important to take the necessary time so that when the time is right your house is the most stunning thing on the market.

Pick Your Renovating Battles

It’s tempting to think that the newer and flashier a house is, the better price you can get for it, but frequently, such investments fail to get an equal return. Focus on smaller areas, such as new cabinet doors and matching appliances rather than an entire kitchen overhaul. Update the plumbing instead of trying to make each bathroom a modern masterpiece. Buyers like a good show, but they’re not as hard to impress as you think, and even a few subtle touches can make a room come together. Most importantly? Repaint, repaint, repaint. A fresh coat of the latest season’s colors will make up for anything you choose not to replace/renovate, and showcase your home as the inviting gem that it is.

Make a Blank Canvas

It’s a tough line to walk: you want your home to look warm and welcoming, with enough furnishings to show buyers that it’s a livable space, but on the other hand, you run the risk of overriding their vision with your own, making it harder for them to truly feel comfortable. Objects with a different family name, too many family pictures, or children’s areas and toys will create cognitive dissonance that may make it difficult for a buyer to project their own family into the space—so de-cluttering and de-personalizing the main rooms is a priority. A storage unit becomes your best friend in the selling process. It can be a complicated process to know how much to clear away and how to make things the most appealing, which is why you should always…

Hire a Stager

It will make all the difference! You may know what looks good to you, but a stager knows what looks good to the market. Trust them. They can walk you through the process of removing your imprint on the house, before reworking what you’ve got and filling in the blanks with pieces that appeal to a greater percentage of buyers. The aesthetic appeal of a house is a huge part of the decision process, even more so now that most buyers do a great deal of searching online before making in-person visits. A stager will make sure that your house makes an impression both in photographs and on-the-spot.

Price It Right

Things are in flux, especially in the Metro Phoenix area, so do your homework and research the pricing of your market! New home sales were up 22% just this March, so a rise in prices shouldn’t be too far behind. Hire a local realtor to help you with the process—it’s their job to be up-to-date and knowledgeable about this very thing so you don’t have to break your back over it. Also, because most preliminary house-hunting takes place on listing websites, think about online search filters and price cutoffs when choosing your number. For instance: if you want to price it at $400,000, consider knocking it down to $399,000 (at least initially) to ensure that it still shows up after price filters are applied.

Make Your Network Work for You!

When appropriate, leave it to the professionals, but don’t think that you can or should sit back and let them do all the legwork. Use the tools at your disposal, because you have one thing that professionals don’t: connections and relationships within the community, and the level of trust that comes with it. According to Zillow, 41% of buyers stay within their same city, and 17% even move within the same neighborhood.

Given this, the most likely successors to your homestead are well within the ‘six degrees of separation’—they may even be down the block! Don’t be afraid to reach out to friends, and friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends, because inevitably someone knows someone else who’s in the market.

Getting your home to sell is never easy, but it doesn’t have to be an uphill battle, either. Strategize, get a good team on your side, make smart moves—and you’ll be fighting off bids instead of fighting to get them!