Table-Top Must-Haves for 2017 from the Las Vegas Market

Table-Top Must-Haves for 2017 from the Las Vegas Market

Posted By: Savannah Blitch Published: 08/29/2017 Times Read: 693 Comments: 0

In our final piece on the 2017 Las Vegas Summer Market, we highlight the top trends and must-haves in table-top decorations for you to translate from the showroom to your living room, as well as giving an insider’s look on where to find them in the Valley.

Let’s set the stage: you’ve illuminated your room with an oversized chandelier and some exposed bulbs and furnished it with the best in one-of-a-kind, handmade goods, but something is still missing: your tables are utterly bare. Pristine, but lifeless and almost intimidating in their spotlessness. What you need are the perfect table-top adornments to make a homey space and make a style statement that will leave an impression.


Looking for something to complement that sharp, caged light that is the centerpiece of your room? Carry over the visual motif to the art pieces on your coffee or side tables with an abstract piece of clean lines and intersecting shapes. These objects of precise angles and mathematical beauty are sure to draw the attention with their uncompromising aesthetic and look best in eye-catching metallics, as shown in this interlocking piece featured at the Lexington Home Brands display.

However, they can still create an impression in natural materials, like these star maquettes by Restoration Hardware.

You can find a wide array of such objects like these, inspired by the tools and models of architects and artists studying the myriad iterations of shape, at RH’s impressive and expansive gallery in the Scottsdale Quarter.


But perhaps the weighty presence and visual impact of a bold polyhedral sculpture aren't what you’re looking for. In that case, you can always take the more elegant route and make glassware the centerpiece of your dining room tableau. This set of Semplice Barware, featured in the First Look program for the Las Vegas Market, is crisp, refined, and the perfect subtle touch to catch the eye.


Or, you can make use of a set of glass cloches to recall the old-world charm of curio collections, such as in the market display by Bobo Intriguing Objects.

The delicacy of glass—ethereal, carefully crafted, catching and holding the light—is timeless in its appeal. You can find some perfect display pieces at the expertly curated vintage boutique Twigs & Twine in Phoenix, such as this set featured here:


On the other hand, you could always go for something to accentuate the pastel contemporary palette of your room and choose the gentler textures of weathered wood, bleached bone, or plant life. The raw, unfinished shape of natural (or at least nature-inspired) pieces are a statement all on their own, lending a rugged and adventurous charm. Just look at how the two table-top pieces in this arrangement by Integrity Design Partners lend a sense of both vitality and history:

You can give your own space a similarly grounded atmosphere by stopping by fantastically quirky The Bosque in Downtown Phoenix and picking up one of their curling, spidery air plants. The plants are not only beautiful but also low-maintenance, and they grow without soil—so no chance of black, muddy spills!

Or, if you prefer the strictly no-maintenance centerpiece, you can swing through Boulevard Urban Living in Scottsdale and peruse their wide collection of table pieces, including specimens like this gorgeous teak tray.


And of course, never be afraid to give something old a new life! With the Discoveries section of the Las Vegas Market thriving and growing, it’s clear that the vintage craze is here to stay for at least the next couple of years.

The perfectly picked antique, whether intended as a display piece or not, can transform a room from beautiful but predictable to truly unique, as your guests wonder how they too can get their hands on an 18th-century book press for their coffee table. (The good part about antiques? They probably can’t.)

(from the Bobo Intriguing Objects Antique Sale in Atlanta)

Besides the several vintage shops in Downtown Phoenix or the Melrose district, you can also set out for Sweet Salvage on the third Thursday of every month. For four days, 4648 N 7th Ave becomes a haven of rare picks and rescued beauties for you to explore to your heart’s content.

So choose one harmonizing theme for your pieces, or make a unique assemblage of table-top décor by mixing and matching! Find something that doesn’t only complement the room but also resonates with you—you’re the one who will have to be staring at it every day, after all. If you can find something that captures your attention and continues to engage you, then it will likely do the same for the guests and friends you welcome into your home.