Rare and Wonderful: Handmade Goods at LVMKT

Rare and Wonderful: Handmade Goods at LVMKT

Posted By: Savannah Blitch Published: 08/24/2017 Times Read: 743 Comments: 0

With the sensational Summer Las Vegas Market already fading into the sun-soaked haze of memory, in its afterglow, we have plenty of time to consider the breakout trends which made an appearance. Which ones won’t last the fall, and which ones will stay strong until the Winter Market beyond the cusp of the new year?


One movement which has our vote?



The handmade trend has slowly been gaining traction over the years and appears to finally be in full, glorious swing. Events like First Friday, art walks, and pop-up markets are continually growing in popularity, appearing regularly in every major city. Online marketplace Etsy has gone from a hidden-away specialty corner of the internet to a powerhouse enterprise, and the go-to for trendy gifts, unique fashion, and every kind of wedding paraphernalia.

(wall of records at Etsy HQ)

In our last article on Las Vegas Market trends, we talked about the contemporary consumer’s hunger for all vintage and retro—pieces which are no longer in mass production and lend an air of history to a space, as well as having the additional desirability of being less common. The craze for handmade goods stems from that same craving for something just a little harder to find and procure. Handmade pieces can allow you to transform your space into an individually curated experience, unique to your taste and style.

The Las Vegas Market chose to showcase Handmade as one of its four First Look trends of 2017—alongside Water Signs, Modern Traditions, and iGen—putting various goods stands and signature pieces in the spotlight for the five-day event.

(The Wicked Boheme’s stand, winner of the Best Booth Award)

(cow skull piece by Le Muse, featured on the @lasvegasmarket Instagram)

Besides art and furniture pieces, handmade jewelry stands were also exceedingly popular at the market. When made the right way, a well-crafted piece of leather and turquoise can have just as much of an impact as one made from diamonds and gold.

(bracelet by The Jewelry Junkie)

As a species, we have always loved and valued rare things, specifically for their scarcity. A handmade piece, although it may not be molded from the same sort of precious materials, has a similar draw by virtue of its unique origin. The idea of something small-batch, limited-run, personalized, delivered straight from the maker’s hands to yours—that’s the very epitome of a luxury good.