Colormix® It Up! 3 Color Palettes for 2018

Colormix® It Up! 3 Color Palettes for 2018

Posted By: Savannah Blitch Published: 07/19/2017 Times Read: 1723 Comments: 0

Sherwin-Williams predicts a year of new beginnings and productivity with its color palette forecast for 2018.

In the Valley of the Sun, the summer weather forecasts can sound like a broken record, stuck on “sunny” and “in the 100s,” and you soon find you'll do just about anything to find a distraction from the monotony of the heat. Luckily, summer is also the time of the Sherwin-Williams Colormix® Forecast—for designers and casual color fanatics alike, the Sherwin-Williams portfolio never fails to spark new ideas and get the creative cogs turning with their array of new colors and combinations. Whether you’re looking to revitalize your rooms or find inspiration for a themed event, get ready to whip up an iced drink, open up your Pinterest, and dive into these three fresh color palettes for 2018!



Sincerity - color palette


“Sincerity is about mindful living,” says Sue Wadden, head of the Sherwin-Williams Color Forecast team, “and creating an environment to disconnect and recharge.” This mix of dusty grays, warm pastels, and muted creams does just that—soothes both the eye and the soul with an immediate sense of comfort. Influenced by new trending concepts such as hygge and “normcore,” this palette finds beauty in the understated and unobtrusive. Lean into the cozy atmosphere with soft textiles and well-worn wooden pieces, or pull out some color with a complementary floral arrangement.

Perfect for a home study, a bedroom, or the master bathroom, this palette will make any room instantly feel open and welcoming, and a shelter from the sensory barrage of our modern, high-connectivity lifestyles.



Affinity = Color Palettes


Unlike its more demure sister palette, Affinity is an invigorating and luxuriant mix of jewel tones, grounded by darker blue and earthen brown. This palette caters to “the wanderlust-obsessed,” as Wadden dubs them, pulling inspiration from the global communities and indigenous patterns familiar to a cosmopolitan citizen of the world. Complement this palette with all the trimmings of a well-traveled life: antique furniture, gold embellishments, and an eclectic mix of souvenirs from your adventures.

These colors make front rooms and dining rooms sing into life, transporting their occupants to the exotic gardens and ocean-sides from which they draw their hue.



Connectivity - Color Palette


The youngster of the trio, this color palette plays with bright, animated colors, using vibrant blue and green to capture the energy of the youth-led technical revolution that inspired it. Tempering gold and purple round out the collection, making the perfect array of colors to complement your high-tech entertainment space or re-vitalize a drab hallway—or use one fresh color on its own to make an impact with an accent wall! Bring out the best of this palette with the clean lines and geometry of modern furniture, and don't be afraid to make the colors glow with big, bold lighting.

This palette is bursting with high-saturation fun and is bound to get you feeling as if the next great innovation could happen right in your living room.

A step away from the avant-garde feel of the 2016 palettes or the rich and sensual palettes of 2017, the 2018 Color Forecast is structured, clean, and capable. They encourage us to strive for sincerity, find our affinities to the world and connect—a three-pronged approach looking forward into a year of change, activity, and invention.